Playground Surfacing FAQ

What is the Safety Surfacing product made of?

At a basic level FLECKS Systems is a type of plastic. Not just any plastic, but a specifically designed TPR made specifically for pool decks, play areas and water parks. It is specially developed to withstand fading, UV degradation and chlorine resistant.

What is the cure time recommended before a surface of both products can be walked on?

Typical the product cures up within a 24 hour period for general walking, however, we recommend heavy items not be moved onto the surface for at least 5 days.

Can it be installed underwater?

While FLECK Systems is an excellent surface for under water, its application must be done on a dry surface and cure.

Can I place a safety surface underwater?

Yes, with EnviroFluff as a base layer, you can create safer and more impact absorbing surface for water play environments.

How is it installed?

FLECK Systems is mixed onsite and is a poured in place product, borders, logo and designs are typically poured 1 day apart from each color change.

What is the warranty?

FLECKS System offers a 3 year warranty for Water play and a 5 year warranty for dry play.

Why do you recommend at least a 2 color blend?

Selecting at least 2 colors helps to “speckle” the surface and give it a more contrasted look, adding even more colors 3 or 4 to the mixes can completely change the visual appearance of a solid color to one which works with multiple colored play equipment or pool decking umbrellas or decks.

Can you create patters and design?

Yes, the benefit of a poured in place surface is that you can incorporate all types of designs, patters and logos in the surface to help enhance the surface.

Is this the same surface as the parks?

While Flecks Systems look similar to many children’s park surfaces, most parks have a product called EPDM which is made from old tires, this EPDM surface over time will fade, crack and absorb stains. All of which the Flecks Systems surface will not.

Is it soft to walk on?

Yes, Flecks Systems are the softest surface to walk on, whether it be as a top coating around your pool or patio or a surface with additional padding underneath (called EnviroFluff). In fact, EnviroFluff is rated by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) for playgrounds which means it has to meet strict government standards for children.


Is it slip resistant?

Yes FLECKS Systems is slip resistant and is also certified by the CSPC and ADA as a safety surface.

Is it durable?

Yes, FLECKS Systems can be used in heavy traveled areas such as entry ways, ramps, pool decks, sidewalks, steps and will hold up without losing any of its strength.

What colors does it come in?

FLECKS Systems comes in 15 solid colors that are mixed to create soothing color blends and matching of designs and logos.

Will it fade?

No, FLECKS Systems is 100% UV Stable, which means it will not fade over time unlike other rubberized or artificial surfaces. FLECKS Systems has been laboratory tested (Xenon Weather meter Exposure ASTM G155 Test) without fading or degradation.


Can you go over dirt?

Yes, FLECKS Systems can go over bare dirt, however, it will require an aggregate rock base and EnviroFluff to be placed down first.


What about water parks?

FLECKS Systems is not affected by water, water does not damage the surface and it's also creates a slip resistant surface. FLECKS Systems was developed for water play and because of its durability, it is now used on entry ways, ramps, pool decks, walkways, running tracks, resorts pool decks, amusement parks, patios, and endless other places.


Is it hot?

No, the FLECKS Systems surface is cooler under the sun, then other surfaces including the sprayed on texture pool concrete.


Is it easy to repair?

Yes, repairs can be made and are almost seamless.


Is it animal friendly?

Yes, because of its durable surface, animals will not damage the surface and it can be cleaned with a strong hose and household cleaner, including bleach.


Is it soft on your bare feet?

Yes, FLECKS Systems are soft to walk on.

Does FLECKS Systems require any upkeep?

No, FLECKS Systems requires no after installation maintenance.  It does not crack, fade or peel up.

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