Wood Chips as a Playground Surface is a BIG NO

When it comes to playground safety, the surface material makes a huge difference. So, if you happen to think that any flooring system would do for a playground - you definitely thought wrong. Not all playground surfacing materials are created equal. While others may look great and feel light in the pocket, they may be unsafe for children.

One of the most common surface materials used for playground is wood chips. As a company which specializes in surface systems, we deem it necessary to point out that wood chips are not ideal as a surface for playgrounds. This is not to alleviate our product and methods and bring down other competitors because we sincerely value the safety of children and strive to safeguard it.

Disadvantages of Using Wood Chips
  • Easily Eroded.

    Wood chips are a safety hazard. They are easily eroded by movement on the playground. As a result, some areas are covered with more wood chips while others are left bare. This is a huge no-no since all areas must be concealed with protective covering for safety. Without a soft surface covering, impacts from slips and falls are stronger.

  • Chaotic.

    Another problem caused by the inability of wood chips to stay in place is that the environment becomes messy. There are wood chips all over the playground and its surrounding. It requires day to day cleaning which makes maintenance more demanding and inefficient.

  • Short-life Span.

    Wood chips, compared to other synthetic materials, have a shorter life span. After a year or so, they naturally degenerate which means you have to replenish them with a new set. Some may have to stock up fresher wood chips at least twice a year depending on the climate in the area. Not only is this time-consuming and energy draining - this also requires a substantial amount of money to accomplish and maintain.

As part of our mission to promote playground safety, we came up with a Fleck System specially designed for playgrounds. Protect the kids in your neighborhood by switching to a safer alternative. Choose Play Flecks system, an innovative safety surface specially designed for all playground surfacing needs.

Benefits of Play Flecks System
  • Longer Life Span.

    The Play Fleck System is created from durable materials that make it a 100% resistance to U.V. degradation & fading. Not to mention if there are problems, it can be easily repaired.

  • Design Options.

    With Play Fleck System, you have a broad range of designs to choose from. It is available in 15 colors & unlimited blended patterns.

  • 5 Year Warranty.

    When you choose Play Fleck System, Play Surface Distribution gives you 5 years' worth of warranty!

For Playground Surfacing for Playground Safety Distributor, feel free to contact Play Surface Distribution at 702-433-1362. Aside from Play Fleck System, we also provide Safety Surfacing for Splash Pads and Aquatic Areas Distributor. Get in touch with us now to learn more about modern flooring systems.
Posted on 29 Sep 2017 by admin
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