6 Reasons Why Resorts and Similar Establishments Should Take Advantage of Ground Surfacing

Owning and operating a resort for the general public is a complicated business. With so many things to consider, mistakes can be easily made. Your marketing strategies must be fresh and effective. Your amenities must be up-to-date. You must have gimmicks and special perks to keep your patrons coming. But most importantly, your venue must be safe.

One of the most common spots where resort-related accidents occur are in swimming pools and nearby areas. This fact should be given serious attention. Otherwise, suits from injured customers will come flying to your door. Luckily, this is where awesomeness of ground surfacing sets in. Allow Play Surface Distribution to cite some of its incredible perks:

  1. It is slip-proof!

    Aside from drowning, slips and falls in wet pool surfaces are one of the biggest reasons why patrons suffer from slight to serious physical injuries. For resort operators, the surface distribution will be an impeccable technique to reduce possible casualties. And since a large population of the visitors are kids, the little ones will become safer and will have a better time under the sun.

  2. It is chlorine resistant.

    Chlorine is a strong chemical that is mostly found in pools. Being chlorine resistant, this means that surface coatings would be able to maintain its luster and color. The beauty it contributes to the entire resort will last for a longer period of time.

  3. It evades molds and fungal development.

    Greenish pools due to molds and moss are not very pleasing to resort-goers. To keep your pools inviting and durable at the same time, installing surface coatings is very practical. Aside from the fact that the greenish developments are disgusting to look at and feel, its slimy texture causes slips and falls too.

  4. Cushioned for safety.

    Surface coatings have thicker bases. Not only that, are indestructible. But aside from being very sturdy, surface coatings feel very comforting. It absorbs shock and impact. So even if pool-goers fall on coated floorings, they will feel less pain and damage.

  5. Comfort.

    Unlike plain cement, surface coatings feel incredible to the feel. Since its edges are not sharp, it gives the skin a soft feeling. This type of coating makes it more amenable to children and senior citizens who have very delicate skin.

  6. It is recyclable.

    Talk about a total steal! Surface coatings are both eco-friendly and budget-friendly. When you redevelop the pools, the same coatings can still be reapplied and completely reused.

For quite some time now, Play Surface Distribution is one of the leading Playground Surfacing for Playground Safety Distributor in America. We offer not just convenience and visual aesthetic, we also espouse durability and safety. Our field of expertise reaches pools, waterparks, and like areas as well. Take advantage of our Safety Surfacing for Splash Pads and Aquatic Areas Distributor!

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