Why is Play Important?
Why is Play Important?

"Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity." Kay Redfield Jamison

Play shouldn't always be seen as something silly, unnecessary, or dangerous; rather, it should be seen as an essential factor in a child's development. Play Surface Distribution, your local experts for Playground Surfacing for Playground Safety Distributor, shares the following reasons why you should give your child the freedom and time to play.

  • It contributes to their physical development.

    Playing around and engaging in different activities contributes to your child's fine and gross motor development, as well as their body awareness. For instance, swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that promotes heart and lung health, increases stamina, and improves strength. Simple play such as hopscotch and jumping rope games can highly improve their gross motor development. Taking them to a playground is also a good idea as it exposes them to more activities that they can enjoy.

  • It promotes emotional and social development.

    Play can also increase your child's emotional maturity and social competence. For example, if they engage in group play, they learn to socialize with their peers and they learn the value of teamwork and cooperation. Different games also encourage being sensitive to their peer's feelings as they wait for their turn and share experiences and materials. Playing is also a good way to promote your child's nonverbal and verbal communication skills as they learn to negotiate gameplay, gain access to ongoing games, and more.

  • It promotes confidence and self-esteem.

    Playground equipment like monkey bars provide children with physical challenges and encourage them to take risks. For instance, imagine a child who has never tried a monkey bar. Once that child decides to take that risk and successfully complete it, they can develop a sense of accomplishment that leads to a higher self-esteem. Free play also promotes the development of self-confidence, such as imaginative dramatic play and conflict resolution. Giving children the opportunity to play on their own can greatly boost their independence and self-confidence.

  • Social playground equipment.

    Did you know that playing in playgrounds can also provide benefits for your child as well? Research indicates that both social development and group interaction can occur on the playground. For instance, playground decks and platforms can provide children with places to congregate; slides and swings teach children to learn to take turns; tunnels can encourage pretend play, and bridges can provide children with opportunities to play games.

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